12 December 2009

Ever carve your initials into something so others could see the path you’ve taken and so you could have that memory? That’s the intent of this blog. Given the nature of blogging, opinions change as do facts and mistakes are a part of life. Past entries in no way reflect current situations. The blog contains varied content, including extremely graphic and adult themes, and is solely the opinions of those who contribute. It is not meant to harm or defame any individual, company, profession or group. As such the blog and its contributors shall not be held liable for the misuse of information presented nor offense it may cause. It is also not endorsed by nor does it represent any individual [other than the contributors], company, profession or group. That said, anything we review on here is of our own choice. We are not paid in the least for the words we put out there. At least not currently. As such, written content is the sole property of their contributor unless otherwise stated and covered under an Attribution/Non-commercial/No Derivative Works license as detailed here. Graphics, unless otherwise stated, are assumed public domain. Changes to this disclaimer will be noted below.


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