I Know I Know

I don’t blog here often anymore. Rip me a new one. You want to know the reason though? I’d either be pissing and moaning about personal and otherwise trivial shit or I would be all blissed out and make you sick with my flowery prose and fawning. And really, isn’t there enough of that already?

I mean, it’s not like I get out and get to explore as much as I did in my younger days. And, you know what, I don’t mind. I’ve got something really good most days. There’s crap some days, but that’s any relationship really. Do you really want to hear the cotton candy clouds and the occasional rubbing alcohol rainstorms that come with it? I don’t, so I figure you don’t either. There’s plenty already.

The main reason I’m blogging tonight is the fact I submitted something to Dangerous Lilly to post on her blog as a bit of guest erotica. When it’s actually up I’ll post again, though anyone reading my blog already reads her’s I’m sure. This Could Be Dangerous if you were wondering.

And really, that’s all. Just some shameless self promotion. I’m trying to write more dirty thoughts down for you but as a friend has so eloquently put it, ‘the problem with writing smut is wanting smut done to you.’ Thank Dark Gracie for that gem. It is a beauty isn’t it?


~ by Psycosis on 2010 11 10.

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