Still Waters Run Deep

For those following along, I’m sure you’ve noticed that things have gone quiet here.  That’s the funny thing about life – it has its ups and downs.  Not to say that things haven’t been going well because they have (especially lately).  I think one of the problems we run into is that we have difficulty getting our words out there for the world to see without concern for how those words are scrutinized and perceived.  So, for me personally, there will be no more editing.  I know our dear readers have stopped in to see what it’s like to live a kinky and open marriage and still carry some semblance of normalcy in the everyday world with our kids.  And, it’s not pretty by any stretch of the imagination – there are disagreements; there are dry spells; there is jealousy; there are twists and turns with identities and roles in our relationship (woohoo for 2 bisexual switches exploring genderfuckery!); there are stressors from finances, family, and work – essentially the same kind of issues regular relationships go through, just a little rough around the edges (mmm, rough – ala Homer Simpson).  But, that’s all from me for now – more to come later – and now I’ll open the floor to comments from the co-Speaker of the House…

I’ve got to follow that introduction? Wow. No pressure. As for why I don’t blog as much as I say I want too, it comes down to being equal parts self-editing and wanting to move past the day into the next. After all, no one knows better than I do the kind of strange things that go through my head. If I shared that with the world unfiltered, umm, none of you have the white coats on speed dial right? As for the day to day grind, there’s only so many ways to write about the cycle of each child taking a turn driving me loony. Before long I’ll be living in Toontown driving around in Benny. One thing she did miss is the fact the highs are Chimborazo, the lows are Challenger Deep and it jumps from one to the other with ease. Go ahead, look those up. We’ll wait. *Jeopardy Music*Back? Now where was I? Actually, I think that’s it for me too. At least I can’t think of anything else.

More to come soon, we intend.


~ by darkfairymomma on 2010 08 18.

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