A Change In Dynamics

I’ve been neglecting doing a post about a pretty significant change in our relationship. Our life outside the bedroom has changed a lot, but essentially remained the same. We’ve moved into a smaller place but we feel more comfortable than we did before. The house has a new family member that keeps me up way too much, a kitten that constantly wakes me up now that he can jump into bed. But that’s not really what you want to hear about, is it?

In the bedroom she’s taken on the dominant role. We’ve done this a time or two before but it was never quite this in depth or this prolonged. Usually it was a few nights and then it went back to her being the babygirl and things were on my terms. Now pretty much everything is on her terms and I only get to make suggestions. Sure, most of the suggestions are enacted, but on her time and in her preferred way.

Overall, it’s been good for us. My abnormally high sex drive is dealt with. She doesn’t feel pressured as much as she used to so she gets to enjoy it so much more. We’re trying and experimenting with more things that I’m NOT going  into detail about just yet. I’m also less stressed now that there’s less stress between us.


~ by Psycosis on 2010 07 12.

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