Sunday Afternoon Fun

We took a break from our cleaning and packing to enjoy ourselves. Please enjoy.

She’s still working her way through the erotica books I got her for Valentine’s Day, and she wanted to read more while I gave her oral. I spent quite a while licking, kissing, sucking. All while she read. Her breathing was getting heavy and I realized she was well worked up, so I reached for the Acuvibe Mini we got at the beginning of the year. It was a short time after she began climaxing. Even as her thighs pressed in on my head, I continued savoring the oral until she was far too sensitive for me to continue. She continued to read, and after a few moments, I applied the vibe again to send her into another fit of orgasms.

After she recovered, she wanted to try some anal play. I picked the Tantus Ripple of the few plugs we didn’t get rid of. After she was well lubed, I slid it in. Considering how infrequent anal play is with her, I was proud how good the babygirl did. It slid right in, all but the last bulge. We tried to get it further, but she’s just not ready for that. After pulling it out, I gave a treat I enjoy as well. I licked and tongued that puckered little hole, something I need to do more often and will definitely follow any anal play to help soothe her and reward her.

She rose up on all fours after that and, for a short time, I took her like that but we moved to her on top. She laid down and tucked her head into my neck. There was talk of how well she did, and how proud I was, as we moved slowly. At one point she got up and fetched the plug again and slid it inside after she climbed back on top. It was a thrill to feel it as she rode for the short time it stayed inside. There was talk after that of when I finally claim that last hole for myself.

Then I came buried deep inside her. Something that’s happening more often and with more ease now that her Mirena quells the worry of another pregnancy. Not just that, anyone that’s read this blog for some time would know that I’ve always had a bit of trouble climaxing from anything other than masturbation so this is becoming a real treat for me. After that, it was a shower for me and back to our daily life. I hope you enjoyed reading about our bit of fun.


~ by Psycosis on 2010 04 26.

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