Last night

last night turned out rather interesting.  it started off with me crawling into bed naked (something that has not happened in quite a while sadly).  both of us then turned on our sides, his tongue snaking into my cunt while i played with his cock.  i then shifted us into a 69 position, eagerly sucking his cock as i felt his warm breath over my swollen lips.  unfortunately, i started to get a little sore after a while so i shifted myself up so i was sitting on his chest, my legs pinning his arms next to his body while i continued to suck on his cock.  he was able to move his hands just enough to grasp my breasts, massaging them in between heavy gasps.  Suddenly, i felt his tongue poking and licking my asshole as i continued pleasuring him.  after a while of enjoying that, i rolled off him and reached for my Hitachi.  it didn’t take me long to cum since i was already so worked up.  of course, i helped him with his orgasm after i had recovered from mine.  needless to say, we both slept very soundly and i get the feeling that i’ll be sleeping naked again tonight 🙂


If it wasn’t going to be so damn cold I’d hold you to that tonight. Skin to skin is nice, even sans the hot pin me to the bed oral sex. That will definitely be in my thoughts for a few days at the least, weeks more likely. -Psycosis


~ by darkfairymomma on 2010 03 21.

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