Why hello there

So, uhm, yeah…we kind of disappeared.   But, we’re still alive!  Work has been a bit hectic for me, as my tendency towards procrastination is coming back to haunt me.  He’s been busy dealing with the kids, who all seem to have the case of the terrible (add in whichever appropriate age).  Add to that our annual shopping spree thanks to Uncle Sam, some random snow days, and my body adjusting to the IUD i had placed – and we are exhausted.  me personally, i’ve been feeling like i’ve been running in circles and i can’t wait for things to get back to somewhat normal.  We did order some new toys during our shopping spree (unsponsored) so we’ll be writing reviews on those soon.

I’ve gotten to try some already but I’m waiting until we use them together to say anything. I’ll post in the morning what’s been keeping me all sorts of busy. – Psycosis

~ by darkfairymomma on 2010 02 28.

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