Erotica – Smoke and Mirrors

Below the break is an erotic story just over 2000 words. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

The office, his personal library and retreat. As fertile a melting pot as any home could have. Not only filled with ideas as vastly different as The Art of War, Winnie the Pooh and Philosophy of the Bedroom. It contained such competing textures as hard wood, soft leather, unyielding steel and even pliant silk. Even the aromas melded together to create an atmosphere wholly unique. Warm cinnamon was the first you’d notice, oil heated by flame on his work desk filled the room with its scent. Beneath that, the unique musk that comes with aged books lent to the feeling this was a place a world of its own that knew much and saw much more. Then came the realization that there was more. The slightest hint of quality tobacco being burnt took hold of the senses, almost unnoticed.

A floor to ceiling curio displayed an odd match of framed art, vinyl figures of various sorts posed, artifacts of bygone eras and more personal items drawing potent memories both fond and not so much. The desk was just past this hall within a room, perpendicular to a wall made entirely of bookcases. In fact, bookcases wrapped around the whole of the room save for that narrow entrance. One even cut the room by a third, joining with the back of the curio to create a smaller room within the room complete with door.

The desk was vacant, and that subtle but provocative hint left him sitting in the reading room enjoying any number of things. Today it was The Best of Ironwood while he sat in a well made chair, high-backed and covered in leather wherever flesh might touch. A small shelf set in the wall served as his table. A glass of something clear, almost like water, sat to one side as a stainless tray kept the source of that underlying aroma from rolling away as it burnt.

His attention engrossed in the book, he barely took note that the drink and cigar were just within his peripheral sight. He also did not notice the soft opening and closing of the door to this sanctuary, having missed the main office door entirely. It’s not that he had no interest in who came, knowing whom even before the delicate scent of vanilla and some unknown floral undertone reached him. He was nearly finished with “Curious Counterpoints”, chosen mostly for its beginning, but he would be remiss not to finish a good story. Anyways, he knew well enough she could usually wait a few moments.

This was not one of those times it seems, as she promptly took a place on her knees between his parted feet. Still he read, though only halfheartedly, wishing to see where she took this. Then he felt pressure against an already semi-engorged groin. The story was pleasant, but nothing quite matched the feel of his little girl’s nose buried in his lap, nuzzling and nearly mewing as he read. That distraction alone was enough to make him lose his place several times and read the page twice over easily. Another two pages to go. His throat was dry so he took a moment to wet it with the warm contents of the glass – sake, an odd choice he’d been told before but a pleasing one.

She fiddled with his buckle, still nuzzling soft and temptingly. Then the button and his zipper. Slowly, reverently, she freed him from his pants as he read on. This was her game. Pleasing him, tempting him. Being soft and delicate as not to incite burning lust while he enjoyed his reading but to show it was raging in her.

A page turned just as delicate lips brushed the tip. Her hands slid up the outside of cotton encased thighs, even up his hips and beneath the shirts he wore. He couldn’t resist much more, even now his eyes were heavy while she kissed and nuzzled his hardened length. His hips rose. Her fingers hooked into the waist of his pants. She pulled them down with the ease and fluidity that came with practice, never being parted from another kiss or caress.

Fully freeing him her tongue played. Lapping. Stroking. Curling. Her focus was his sack now, purring as it grew taunt from the attention and arousal. He struggled but managed at last to finish the passage. Setting the book aside, still she only teased. He didn’t even watch her immediately, letting his eyes close and head lull back to rest on the chair. She watched though, and he could feel those dark piercing eyes watching his every move.

On impulse, he reached for the cigar. Even as he brought it up, he could hear the sound of her lips parting and the tip of that pink tongue slide along them. His lips curled a bit, expecting her just to watch for the moment. As his lips parted for the end of the cigar, she shifted. Anticipating. He began to draw on it. She began to draw on him. Her lips slid down his shaft, knowing well enough that he would breathe in deeply. She was slow too, methodical, drawing him deeper to force his deep inhalation. When he waited with bated breath, his lungs burning nearly as fiercely as his loins were, she began to withdraw. He let out his breath along with the pungent smoke he knew she’d come to savor in a long, steady stream. She slowly pulled her lips from the tip as she looked up, waiting. He gazed down, giving her a look that sent a shiver down her spine.

“I did good Daddy?” Her voice was soft and playful but held the tone of a grown woman who knew what she was doing. The body matched that tone. Plenty curves for him to enjoy, only highlighted by her clothes. He told her time and again that she was as pleasing to the eye as she was to the touch. When she understood just how sincerely he meant that, she began dressing just to show off those curves. Her hair was how she always wore it, but this time with a pink plaid headband. A tight button down top in bright pink that matched well to the headband and the plaid skirt, which strained to keep her contained. The skirt barely covered her ample rear as she rested it against the heels of sock covered feet.

“Mmm, very good baby. Daddy didn’t realize he’s been neglecting you.” He brought the cigar back again, taking a much shorter puff compared to the previous. She sucked on the flared head again, letting her lips smack as she pulled away. He set the cigar down and took up his sake, taking a long draw of it.

“No Daddy. I just wanted to come visit and see if you needed me.” That drew an almost predatory grin from him as he set the glass down. She squirmed, and he let her for a long moment.

“Or to make me need you. Isn’t that right girl?” A coy smile as she bowed her head, a contrived attempt to hide it. Then a fervent nod sent her head bouncing, and with it the full mounds now brushing against his leg. “Now I do baby, are you going to leave it at that?”

“No, of course not Daddy.” He shifted and she leaned in, wrapping one arm around him. Her palm pressed to the small of his back while that arm now supported most of her weight. Having already made it glossy and slick, she wasted no time in sinking her lips back around his hardened cock and sucking on it with a fierce hunger that had burned deep inside her this entire time.

The cigar came back to his lips and she watched as his head came to rest against the chair again, those gray orbs closed. Her other hand then slid up beneath him. The heel came to rest against his perineum while a single slim digit slid further back to brush against his hole. The cigar still firm between his lips, he did well not to bite down on it as he moaned deeply, smoke poring out of his mouth around it. Both hands came down, one gripping the shoulder of her probing hand, the other firmly in her hair.  She would not stop though, stroking and massaging even as her lips slid along the length with ease.

His eyes opened as he pulled the cigar from his lips, not wanting to miss the tray as he sat it down. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimmer in the shadows. A beautiful gilded mirror sat on the wall in front of him. It was there for just this reason, among many others. Now that she was fully engrossed in her task, that tempting rear lifted off her heels. Deep within the shadow of her skirt, he could see a glimmer faint enough he nearly thought he imagined it. Then she shifted and he caught it again, the shine of juices flowing freely from her and down her thigh.

“A fire’s been burning in my girl’s belly for some time…” He bent forward, pulling her skirt higher so the shadows faded and he could see just how damp she was, especially with nothing to sop it up before it ran down her legs. Her moan was almost a growl as she began sucking and toying with renewed vigor. Instinctively she parted her knees further and rocked her hips back to give him a better view. The shift let the scent of sex mingle with the others in the room, the atmosphere soon becoming something even more carnal, almost primal.

A hand in her hair pulled her from his shaft. She gave token resistance to the hand, whimpering as the head slipped free of her lips. Dark eyes met gray ones and she recognized that hunger, another coy smile curling her lips as she let her chin drop slightly as a blush tinted her cheeks. The reaction was honest, always reacting so to that particular look, that particular hunger.

He turned her round to face the mirror and then pulled her back. His legs closed in as hers straddled him. There was no guiding needed. As damp as her body already was from her juices, and as slick as his shaft was from her saliva, he slid in with ease. Her full weight sank into his lap while his full length sank into her body. An arm wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her back against his chest, hips rocking and grinding.

Again he took up the cigar as her head came back to rest on his shoulder. A deep draw and long exhale, he then turned to that exposed bit of neck and pressed his lips firmly to it. She purred and he sank his teeth in briefly. That purr shifted into a moan even before his hand cupped a full mound, still holding the cigar firmly but taking care where it lay. Thumb and ring finger clamped down on a stiff nipple, giving it a roll and a slight tug that caused a quiver to run down her spine and into the muscles surrounding him.

“Mmm…take a look girl.” He put the cigar firmly between his lips then grabbed hold of her hips with both hands. Slow and steady, he lifted her off his lap until the tip of his cock barely remained inside, then slid her back down. Her eyes were wide as she watched at first, never tiring of being made to watch. Soon, though, pleasure overtook interest and her eyes began to slip close and her head roll back again. Pressing her body closely into his, she could smell him, his cologne, the cigar…all mingling to invoke some deep desire.

A shudder ran through her again. He paused to take the cigar away, it being nearly spent now. When his hands were on her hips again, the mood had changed. Lifting and dropping her at a manic pace, all she could do to keep herself steady was dig her fingers into the arms of the sturdy chair, the leather barely creaking under their wanton revelry. His climax was certain to come quickly, but hers was already crashing down like a wave. It was her cry, loud and long, ringing in his ears that pushed him over the edge. Even as his cock pumped his seed, his taunt aching sack releasing all she’d caused to build up, he continued lifting and dropping her at great speed until his climax was spent.

He placed her roughly back down into his lap, panting loudly in her ear as she lay her head onto his shoulder, lips grazing against his dampened neck. He was the first to catch his breath and regain his composure, lovingly stroking her hair until she caught hers soon afterwards.

“Would my baby would like to hear a story after that?” The nod was weak but he felt it all the same against his shoulder.

“Yes, please, Daddy. I want to hear the one you were reading.” Her breathing closer to normal, she began nuzzling and kissing his neck affectionately. Arms wrapped around his chest and pulled her body close to him. That shift, along with his own as he reached for the book, stirred her body a little before calming again.

“Alright girl, nice and comfy?” With a nod between her shows of affection, she replied to him. He flipped through the book to the start of the story and began reading to her about the wanton girl and the obscene bulge she was made to suck.

~ by Psycosis on 2010 01 07.

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