Us vs Jillian Michaels – It Starts

For those of you that don’t know, Jillian Michaels [don’t let the pretty face fool you] is a personal trainer that has gained notoriety from her work on The Biggest Loser. Plenty of people call her the toughest personal trainer and I’m of the mindset they’re right. What does she have to do with us? Well we bought one of her DVDs, 30 Day Shred, while it was on sale and some hand weights for her. We’ll need another set soon and some pads for the floor.

She kicked our asses. Though we did figure out that I’m better in the cardio while she’s better at the strength exercises. But still, that’s like finding a $10 bill tucked in your wallet when the check for dinner is $60. We took measurements too after we had a chance to recover from our beating; bicep, chest, waist, hips, thighs and weight. We also took front and profile pictures to guilt ourselves into working our asses off. No we’re not ready to share either just yet. Maybe after we see some of the results.

But, the masochist in us are looking forward to our abuse tomorrow. We’ll keep you updated.

~ by Psycosis on 2010 01 02.

One Response to “Us vs Jillian Michaels – It Starts”

  1. it was by no means easy but it was what we needed to get a good jump start back into exercising again. i think it’s going to benefit us both in and out of the bedroom 😉

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