A Bit About Psycosis

Despite my desire to turn this into a catch-all blog where I can be more myself than I currently am, I still have this problem hanging the various personae up. We all wear masks, so much so they just become second nature. To combat some of that, I figured I would come out and tell you a bit of the non-kink you never really hear about.

I’m good at many things, all of them stem from the desire and ability to logically break down damn near anything I can look at or get my hands on while still maintaining a creative spark of my own. I’m an avid RPG gamer as well as a crafter. And I tend to approach both like they’re pretty puzzles to be worked out. I make jewelry, sculpt and paint miniatures and terrain, sew, do leather crafts, work with wood, do automotive repair, write, draw, garden, and even dabble in graphic design. Let’s not forget building and maintaining computers. Oh, I’m even trying to teach myself to play guitar [as a stand in for the violin]. I am, by no means, a master of any of these trades but neither am I a lamb being led by wolves.

Two things I can thank my family for are a wide range of skills and the mindset that, if I can do it on my own and cheaper, then I should. Of course that leaves me with lots of project ideas and half-finished creations because I either get stalled and move on, get distracted by a new idea, or we lack the money to finish.

So see, sex isn’t ALL I think about…it’s just a really big portion. I mean come on, why do you think I got into leather crafts? Later all, until I spill my guts again.

P.S. Don’t get me started on RPGs, seriously. I won’t shut up. You can even ask Pomme.

~ by Psycosis on 2009 12 13.

One Response to “A Bit About Psycosis”

  1. I am very similiar, i think of sex alot, its an important aspect of my life, but i also love music, computers , techie stuff,and enjoying nature, I also like to tackle anything before i give up and have someone else do it, i am kinda a jack of all trades.

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