Three cents

Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.

~Pauline R. Kezer

as they say, spice is the variety of life…and, as such, there are more changes developing around here yet again.  we are still in the plotting and planning stages so there will be more news as things come to fruition.  in the meantime, i thought i would make a brief appearance to say that things have been going well in the House of Chaos.  i am approaching a well-earned 2 week vacation for the holidays at work and, as pressured as i am to get things wrapped up before i leave, i am surprisingly calm about it.  i have been making a concerted effort to keep the Beast (aka Daddy) calmed while my monthly week (and a half) of craziness has been around.  this included fulfilling one of my long-time fantasies of giving a blowjob while watching a football game – it was definitely all i had envisioned and more!  we are going to be traveling to visit both sides of my family for the holidays but we will still have about a week to relax around the house.  we’re hoping to get some money for Christmas because we have been eyeing some new toys for our new venture.  but, for now, that’s all the news that’s fit to print…er, blog.

~ by darkfairymomma on 2009 12 12.

One Response to “Three cents”

  1. read about that awesome blowjob, very sexy reading….i hope you all have a wonderful holiday enjoying your new toys…look forward to reading how you enjoyed them

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