Smartballs No More

Originally I was planning on doing this post this weekend as the culmination of a weeks worth of play and events, but as a few of you read earlier this weekend threw a wrench into the current set of gears so we could go back to the older familiar ones.

It appears this past Friday marked one of the last days as me in the dedicated role of little boy for some time to come. It also ended up being one of the few times  I was given a sexually oriented task. I was told by Mommy to play with some of the dildos we have but not to climax. After I was to use a plug and keep it in until she came home from work before my shower. I did the first part with little trouble and looked forward to staying plugged all day for her. My body, on the other hand, didn’t want to keep either of the plugs I can fit. They’re the black vinyl ones you can get almost anywhere.

The problem was the stem. It’s only a little smaller than the widest point on the plug so it slid out easily. I’ve had no trouble with bullets for extended periods so that’s the only thing I could think of. I suggested and she approved moving on to another toy, the Smartballs by Fun Factory. Originally we had gotten them for her, but she could never really feel them while they were in so I decided to try them.

It was a bit of a stretch to get them in, but once they were I was comfortable and enjoyed the bit of rattling I felt when I walked or when I was sitting and bouncing my leg like I do so often. I loved it so much I couldn’t wait until she made me wear them out in public. That was, until it came to removal time. They came out easily enough, but here we are 3 days later and a particular aroma is still clinging to them.

After much talking with @thursdays_child over at Sex and Shoes [I think the site is down, sorry] I’ve decided I’m going to fork over the money for an Njoy Pure Plug. It definitely seems like the best choice for extended wear. I’m even considering foregoing the MP3 player I want for Christmas in order to get it before our next tax return and our major toy shopping. Given the Smartballs are slightly larger than the medium plug I could start with that easily I think, but I’m considering going with the small instead so that she can use it once she gets adjusted a bit more to anal play.

All in all, it was a great experience being given that sort of task so maybe when she is in one of her more dominant moods in the future there will be more tasks like that.

~ by Psycosis on 2009 11 23.

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