What You’ve Missed

Where to start? Oour sex life is changing but improving. Wwe’ve had many rough spots but moved past them. Wwe’ve moved houses yet again and love the new place despite the power bill tripling. Now in reverse order.

Wwe moved from the 2/2 town home in the nice suburb to a 4/2 brick exterior house on the other side of town. It’s old military housing on college campus but Wwe love it. Plenty of room, no carpets to clean, single floor, gas stove, and i can work on the car without issue since it’s a tech college. They kind of expect it. The only down side is since it is quite old [70s Wwe think] the insulation isn’t the greatest so Oour electric bill to cool off during summer was triple what it was at the town home. But that is far from enough to take away a star if this were an online review. Another financial plus that wasn’t mention above was that Wwe paid off the car. Well Wwe took a loan out to pay it off but the loan is all of $12 a month over 5 years. One major debt handled, now to knock out a few smaller ones.

As for the issues let’s just say this. They happened. Wwe talked more than Wwe used to. They were handled. Wwe moved on.

Now for what you really want to hear about you perverts. Sex life. It’s a complex, quicksilver in your hands sort of issue. Wwe’ve been experimenting and exploring a lot. There’s been some light CBT, some pain, anal play for both of Uus and a changing of the guard as it were.

She is in control when Wwe are in the bedroom, as it were. Happily, i’m sub to Her in all things sexual after spending so long in some weird gray area i couldn’t process [which caused most of the issues from above]. Can i still get rough? Can i still treat Her like the little whore i used to? Sure, but only when She wants it. It’s a pretty significant change for Uus, one Wwe’re still working out. The cues are the hard part to figure out since Wwe both seem to have trouble just coming out with what Wwe want, but Wwe’re working on that. This past weekend and yesterday have shown it can be a pretty sound system if Wwe work at it.

Anal play for me has mostly been solo and intermittent. Wwe got Her a harness but when She tried using it before it wasn’t comfortable on Her, so Wwe’re looking for another. Recently She is getting more hands on and nothing I can do on my own even compares to feeling Her anywhere near there. In that department, my chief complaints are not really having any toys fit for prolonged use and i’d love to be told by Her when and what to use while She’s at work occasionally. As for Her, it’s mostly been my tongue or my fingers pushing into Her but Wwe discovered that the She is much like me and prefers the smooth dildos that came with the harness to the set of plugs Wwe got that feel pointy going in.

Pain. Well pain is a favorite of mine personally. The receiving end of it is my usual place and i have no qualm with that. The feel of nails digging in, drawing blood. A hard smack of the hand, paddle or kiss from the flogger. Teeth sinking into skin. Hair pulled harsh and abusively. The first and the last i can take all day every day. It’s my threshold for the others that disappoints me lately. Biting tends to cross that line from pleasure into pain [and not the good kind] easily. The sharp pinch seems to distract me, make me lose my rhythm, and make it hard to catch back up. The smacks and flogger haven’t really been pushed anywhere to a limit like part of me wants, just to see how far i can actually go. When they are used though i tend to go straight into ‘toy to be abused and used’ sub mode.

As for the CBT, its on the mild side but its a start considering i already lack a bit of sensitivity down there. Some light flogging and smacks mainly but not long ago Wwe used clothespins. It was Oour first real time using them too. Complete with a string running through them that She gave a yank to so all 6 came off at once. Like I said, mild compared to some of the stuff i enjoy watching but a start.

Well that’s all for now, but damn if that’s not a lot when paired with the post written today.

~ by Psycosis on 2009 10 21.

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