A Birthday And Cake

Thank a friend, ExPrincess, for the title. She recently let me in on the euphemisms of her soon to be nixed marriage. Chocolate is masturbation [a replacement for sex], birthday cake is oral sex, and cake is sex. I figured A Birthday And Cake was a better title than Having My Cake And Eating It Too, which could equally apply. Pardon the bad puns, now on to the meat of the post.

Yesterday was my birthday and it started off wonderfully with a short bit of oral just after waking up. It wasn’t too involved, as She had to go to work. The day passed without much incident, though She had to work late so dinner was sans Her. When She did get home Her mood wasn’t the greatest, so i assumed that the night would end with some cuddling then sleep.

When Wwe went to bed She was naked [rare lately so very enjoyable] and very affectionate. It started with Uus side by side, then me on top, then Her on top. At that point i wanted to feel those affections against my back, so i asked and was allowed to roll over. Her naked body against my back, shifting as She touched, as She kissed. That alone would have been a great ending to the birthday.

Then She began grinding and riding down on my back and hips.  Gripping the bed, it was all I could do to keep them turned up to give Her a nice firm spot to grind until She came. Twice i think. During which She fucked my mouth with Her fingers, pinned my hands to the bed, treated me like a slut and a whore.

When She decided She was finished with that She turned on a light then began playing with my ass. Kissing. Biting. Then something i would have never asked Her for but sent shivers everywhere that i can still feel. Her tongue rimming the hole, making me quiver like i can’t remember.

Then She slid something inside. At first i thought it was a plug since it felt a bit pointy, but then She told me it was Her finger. One small detail and it sent me to a completely new level. Having a piece of Her inside me, sliding in and out. Fucking. Then gods, Her talking about how hard Her little clit was from riding me. By then i was too worked up to do more than nod when She asked if i enjoyed it, but She did elicit a moan mentioning She wished Her little clit was a cock so She could fuck me proper with it. So She could fill my ass with cum. Now Wwe kinda want a squirting dildo but Wwe’ll see.

At that point it was starting to hurt so Wwe got lube and continued, this time Her seated comfortably on the bed with me on my knees and my shoulders to the bed. Nice and close to Her, She was able to keep fingering my hole while She reached around and stroked a cock that’s been hard since the first few kisses. At one point i went up onto just my knees, arching back and gripping Her thighs as She tormented me more by starting to nuzzle and kiss my back. Not long after that I finally had to pull away, having gotten enough play as i could take back there for the night.

She cleaned up then and the lights went off as She drew me in close and let me nurse a bit, which was quite calming at first but, as She began enjoying it, i began sucking harder and soon i was between her legs, sucking like a hungry little boy, while She whispered how She wished She could still feed me and playing with Herself. Before long i was pushing inside of Her, fucking and feeding off Mommy, pleasing Her like a good boy should. As some point though She pushed me away, only to have me go lower so i could continue pleasing Her with my mouth. i was happy to bring Her to a couple more climaxes with my tongue and mouth before She reached for the Hitachi to finish the night off.

After all that Wwe went to bed, Her naked body pressed against my back and me falling asleep quicker than i can rightly remember doing anytime recently. A side note, writing this blog post is a torturous task given to me by Mommy. Through the first half, i managed well enough but took a shower to calm me and then put on the equivalent of 3 cock rings [a trimmed Gates of Hell i can wear comfortably during the whole day] so now it’s achingly hard and sensitive, but i’m not allowed to get off until tonight with Mommy. This isn’t a complaint by any means, as i suggested it knowing it would be torture and, knowing I would be worked up so much when Mommy got home, i would be extremely eager to please Her.

In closing, last night cemented the fact that i’m more sub to Her than ever before. Beyond that, i’ll go into in another post. For now, just picture me glowing and blissed out without even getting to climax last night.

~ by Psycosis on 2009 10 21.

2 Responses to “A Birthday And Cake”

  1. very hot, i do believe you gave me the tingles 😉

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