I Thought I’d Share

I know. I’m bad. Not blogging and all. But any of you still reading get treated to a bit of raunchy details.

Let me just start by saying our sex life is much improved now that Wwe’ve moved and gotten mostly settled. The best parts are usually still confined to the weekends but Wwe don’t go the entire week without anymore. The past couple weeks alone have seen the use of clothespins, the paddle, anal toys, and a good bit of the Hitachi [We learned how to make her squirt]. But last night was a bit different than those.

Last night was an enjoyable night of drinking for both of us. Rum is such a wonderful thing when its on hand [Sailor Jerry, go get some trust me]. Once the trio went down it was spent mostly separate. Me in the office checking mail and chatting, her in the living room doing the same. When it finally came time to head back to our room I was ambushed by a ravished creature, biting and clawing at My neck and shoulders with abandon. Then she fled from My office into the bedroom with Me soon following.

The doors shut, she was already naked and waiting, lying on the bed but still obviously on the prowl. When I joined her the lights went out and I soon found Myself under that hunger driven body and under the assault of teeth and nails again. Warm flesh pressed and ground against Me as I explored with My hands, gripping, groping at her curves. Finally she had worked Uus both up enough that all she could beg for was Daddy.

Not her nice sweet protector. No, she wanted her choking, cunt fucker.

At first she rode, grinding down to whatever nonverbal commands she was given. Hands around her throat, forced to cum as she struggled to breath. Even feeling the soft caress of her full breasts only moments before stinging smacks from an open hand. When I tired of her cunt for the moment, and by then it ached enough I would need lube to fuck it more, she was forced lower. That’s where she showed just how hungry she was as she sucked her sweet juices off My cock before a harsh grip in her hair forced her face down and held her there. I could feel My head pressing against her soft palate before another hard press began forcing Me down her throat when she began to gag and cough slightly. Then she was freed then and given a hard hungry kiss of My own for her good work.

I took her nipples in My mouth, sucking and toying with them as she reached between us and played with herself. From there she was soon on her back again, Hitachi in hand and Me still toying with her breasts. Since she was a good girl letting Daddy fuck her hard and play with her so roughly she got a brief break from use to please herself. Though it wasn’t without My hand around her throat several times. After all, she is quite fond of it and can go nearly to the point where she would be little more than a rag doll for a few moments while she regains consciousness.

The reprieve was short lived though as I climbed between her legs and began using her again. With her legs held close to her body and Me grinding and pressing in deep there were a couple times Wwe felt a bit of added pressure we think was Me hitting her cervix. How enjoyable it would have been to fill My little girl’s womb directly! Given that Wwe just recently began getting Oour [not so] normal sex life back I resisted the urge. Wwe’re done when it comes to those matters.

After extracting Myself from her I gave her the chance to use her favorite toy one last time, but at that point she was too exhausted for more so promptly curled in close and pressed herself against Daddy for a bit of comfort after being used so hard. And so ends last night, and this little story. Enjoy.

~ by Psycosis on 2009 08 29.

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