(Very) Extended Hiatus

So I’ve been quiet for some time. Honestly I can’t remember how long it’s been. There’s been a lot on O/our collective plate lately that has made maintaining a blog lackluster and difficult. How about a quick rundown? Before that head over to thank Eithrael Viola for My return. Just last week I found out she had Me on her blog roll. That alone wasn’t enough but when she actually asked about Me on Twitter [ and was the only one to ask after all this time] that caught My attention. On to the meat of it now.

Some of you already know I’m a SAHD. While that’s a taxing job on its own it’s been doubly so as of late. For nearly a month now I’ve been quite stressed from lack of sleep. Mind you, the youngest is almost 8 months now but she’s been the easiest. Her older brother and sister have been the greatest endurance on My sanity and stamina.

O/our relationship has been strained a bit as well. W/we both have O/our ups and downs, and rarely are they in sync. There was also a small incident thanks to a misunderstanding. For a while W/we were having trouble getting past it thanks in part to My lack of ability to say what was on My mind. I’m horribly inarticulate when I talk but have no such trouble when I write. It took having a conversation with Anna David [ @annalytical ] about a subject she’s doing an article on to get Me really thinking about what was troubling Me. If you haven’t heard of her for shame. She’s G4TV‘s Attack of the Show sex expert. Indirectly she averted what typically would have become an explosion of emotion between U/us. Since then W/we’ve been doing better at expressing things before it gets anywhere near that.

Another thing keeping Me busy is a paying project for My writing career. The geeks might like to know what so they can ask on Twitter, but if you don’t like RPGs you wouldn’t be too impressed.

And that just about wraps up what’s happened all this time I’ve been away. Oh and the toys, lots and lots of toys. A good size chunk of O/our tax refund went towards toys We’ve been meaning to get for a while now.

~ by Psycosis on 2009 04 10.

One Response to “(Very) Extended Hiatus”

  1. Glad you’re back on the air!

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