This Weekend

Aside from O/our typical weekend there was quite a deal of naughty fun. It started Friday night when the way she responded to a good bit of vigorous manual stimulation wiped away every possible doubt I could of had that she wouldn’t enjoy anal play or that she was doing it mainly for Me. Given she can’t take much YET, but her enthusiasm more than makes up for that temporary inconvenience.

Saturday was a taste of how she would enjoy rope bondage as well as how far her progression in enjoying pain has come. With her wrists bound she was on her knees and elbows taking it from behind for a good bit of time before W/we moved on to the home-made flogger. Nothing was safe from it, the strikes ranging from her shoulders down her back, over her rear and thighs, even kissing her feet at times. At several points the strikes came hard and fast and she took it with only one or two whimpers.

Taking a short break I had her sit up so I could bind her torso and breasts. Nothing of serious depth or complexity, but it served its purpose. I wanted to see how she felt wrapped up like that, how a more common slightly coarser rope felt to her. There will be further experimenting with it later so look forward to future updates.

I cut off a short length of rope then and used it to whip her across the back and ass, prompting a couple more whimpers from her but still she took it with relish. A paddle and My bare hand came next, though by then she was so sensitive that it didn’t last long.

I took her from behind again, rougher and using the ropes binding her breasts for added leverage before pulling a length of rope across her throat for the same reason.

Soon she was spent so all that was left was to take a few pictures of My beautifully bound girl to enjoy on My own and to lay with her a bit before unbinding her so W/we could go to bed.

Sunday was spent cleaning and ended with My babygirl starting to fall asleep while watching TV and stroking her Daddy. I just have to point out I greatly relish the fact that she finds stroking Me as relaxing as I find it.

O/our more interesting adventures end tonight, as she purchased a Conair Heated Body-Flex Massager. Think of it as the poor man’s Hitachi, or the frugal parent’s Hitachi, running only $15. Being a test night, I let her play with it to her heart’s content, and play she did. After her fourth climax on the low setting she wanted something inside her as she continued. W/we have a small dildo, so that was soon filling her as I continued to watch with much pleasure. A couple more climaxes came before she braved turning the massager to high, which promptly got resounding results. I thought I would have to gag her at several points to ensure she didn’t wake the sleeping ones. It was only after 15 climaxes, yes 15 in a row, that she finally turned the massager off and set it aside for tonight. Though now she still sits there on the couch with the dildo buried in her.

Enjoy those thoughts, and Adieu.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 12 16.

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