Trust’s Test – Part 1

 The sheets shifted for a moment before fingers curled around the hem of the sheets and pulled them down. Lips the color of leonida roses pursed tightly as her tongue swept over them, catching those last remnants, before smiling and laying her head on My stomach. It never bothered Me but I always took note of how her gorgeous skin tone, ranging from a dark chestnut to a soft chocolate, stood in such contrast to My pale pallor that rarely saw direct sunlight.

“Good morning Daddy!”

“Good morning to you, too. All gone baby girl?”

With an innocent smile that was nearly believable and a nod of her head she answered. A hand soon found its way out of the covers and firmly combed through the dark, densely curled hair at the crown of her head. It was a fleeting moment though; as I soon reached down to give her a teasing but still firm pat on the ample swell of her rear.

“Good girl. Now go get ready for work. And don’t forget what today is.”

“Yes Daddy. Your girl won’t forget.”

From there the day was typical to any couple together long enough to know the others routine. Off to work she went while I tended to the house, preparing for the night’s festivities. There was no true special occasion, just a passion and desire on My part for things to come. The night was to be an intricate test of her subservient ways and trust in her Daddy that began weeks ago when she received key instructions to be memorized and followed explicitly. But what would a test be with out some form of reward?

When the time came and her car pulled into the driveway dinner was already started. Pan-seared beef tips and oven roasted potatoes filled the house with delicious aromas meant to tempt her. The lock turned and the door swung open.

It would be a lie to say I wasn’t aroused seeing her enter in an understated but provocative outfit if you knew the truth behind it. Chunky Mary Jane’s lined in pink with silver stitching clicked on the tiles before slipping off sheer stockings effortlessly at the door. A simple knee length black a-line skirt hugged hips you couldn’t help but contemplate gripping tightly in the throes of passion, the seams hiding eye hooks that would quickly open a slit in the back up past mid thigh. A fitted blouse coral pink in color shone beautifully against her skin, and on its own would have drawn much attention to the full swell of her chest that she was more than willing to proudly display when Daddy wanted. This time though a knitted vest of black, coral, and silver subdued them significantly. A touch of blush, a lip gloss, and a few pieces of jewelry rounded out her outfit.

Without a word or so much as a glance into the kitchen she set her bag down and moved to the living room, kneeling before an exquisite chaise lounge she has spent quite some time on in the past. Between the plush rug and comfortable oblong pillow waiting for her on the floor she would be comfortable for quite some time. Looking through the kitchen to her backside I smiled, her strait spine and relaxed posture pleasing to the eye as she obediently waits for Me.

Finishing the beef tips and moving them to a resting place, I start steaming some fresh vegetables before wiping My hands clean and joining her in the living room. Settling into a seat before her, I brought a hand up and ran a single finger over those plump lips that needed no liner to help them stand out. A proud chin inched higher at the approving touch, though her eyes remained downcast and focused on My chest. Truly a sight to take in, strong and resilient but ultimately little more than clay to be molded into My heart’s desire.

As My finger reaches the peak of that delicate chin digits curl slightly and spread out, slowly moving to encircle her throat. Firmly they grasp just below what appears to be a delicate necklace no wider than a pinkie nail. Intricately woven rings of silver form a permanent collar with no beginning and now end, the sum of which are stronger than each individual ring. A matching bracelet circles each wrist as well as one around each ankle. Each a memory, each a symbol I’d sooner die than part with as parting with them would ultimately mean parting with her.


Without hesitation she complied, rising to her feet with the fluidity of water unhindered as My hand releases the soft flesh of her neck and runs over the varied textures of cloth covering her figure currently. As she stood waiting patently I settled back into the lounge, giving a slight nod once I was comfortable and content with the view I was afforded. Needing no other instruction she began a slow sway from side to side, subtle at first but becoming more pronounced as she found that beat within her thoughts that drew her in. I was never privy to what song she heard as she began to dance, nor did I honestly care as the effect was what I enjoyed.

Knowing the minutes were only a scant few before dinner was finished it took only moments for the insidious rhythm to seize her and those nimble hands to begin running over her body. As they traveled over the hem of that light knitted vest it was grasped and moved higher along her body. Gathering it at her chest, high enough to it could easily be removed but still hiding the full bounty of her chest beneath the bunched cotton she altered her dance.

A hand slipped into the large ovals that made the arm holes, and from beneath it was pulled over her head. Slyly turning away then, she offered a tentative glace over her shoulder. Those rich brown eyes were still cast south of My face as they should be, but they need not meet My gaze to convey that raw desire that was welling inside of her as if to reflect My own passions swelling.

Without straying from her dancing significantly she took time to fold the vest before bending at the waist to set it on the floor near her feet. The sinful curves of her backside were still facing Me as she reached back, unlatching each of those eye-hooks hidden in her skirt until the slit they held closed was fully exposed and opened enough to offer a peek at the shape of her thighs hiding beneath. Lingering there a moment more to give Daddy a lasting view, she slowly straitened and resumed her sways.

I leaned forward slightly as those hands returned to her chest, obviously taking their time working at the buttons of her blouse while all I was allowed to see was the subtle shift of muscles beneath a coral-hued carapace. When she did finally turn to face Me half the top was unfastened and exposing not only a twin pair of chocolate globes testing the limits of their restraints but a bra as black as a moonless night trimmed in lace and appliqué. Equally suitable for an undergarment as it was for wearing to some of O/our preferred night clubs, it would have been painfully obvious she was wearing it beneath her blouse had it not been for the now discarded vest. Now that I had a proper view she continued slowly working the buttons until she lay fully exposed, and about to shrug off the thin veil had it not been for a shake of the head on My part.

Continuing with the exquisite show, she moved closer to the chaise. Stopping barely a stride away made Me reflexively lean forward, which made her next move a shock of sorts to Me. Bringing one of those stocking covered feet up she planted it between My parted thighs. Flexible toes instantly buried themselves beneath Me, a sensation that caused an already stiff member straining against My pants to jump profoundly.

After a moments hesitation enjoying the sensations and view a hand slid up along either side of her calf then thigh, well beyond the broad elastic band holding them up. As digits brushed over the silk covered mound at the apex of their travel she shivered and barely contained a whimper. Much to My enjoyment the silk was obviously slightly damp. Drawing My hands back down her thigh they curled under the band of the stocking and pulled it off slowly as they continued on down her calf and over her foot.

Setting it aside for her to put away later it was no surprise when she replaced the now bare leg with its still clothed twin. Doing much the same this time, the shiver that came was less pronounced but even as controlled as she had become she was not one to fully ignore such a touch.

Unfortunately, over her shoulder I could see steam start to stream from the stove, so the vegetables were most likely done. Catching My glance, she waited quietly for but a moment before I nodded. Once again she moved as water would in human form, returning to her knees though this time close enough to allow her body to brush My knees. Reaching down beneath the lounge I drew out a small unassuming box and opened it up. First drawing out a blindfold made of suede and silk and draping it over My knee. A sturdier collar of leather set with a beautiful pewter tone ring and several smaller accents was next, draped over the other knee. Finally was a small pair of earplugs that would all cease all but the loudest noise.

Each was put in its proper place on her and finished with a small lock of matched beauty in the case of the blindfold and collar. Shifting slightly as she felt My hands pull away, she gave Me room to stand. As I did, though, her face pressed emphatically to Daddy’s groin, nuzzling with as much affection as she was showing lust. I would not dare deny her nor Myself such an exquisite pleasure so I remained there moments longer before I finally drew away and tended to dinner.

I fixed a single plate with double the portion of beef tips, potatoes, and vegetables once I was certain dinner was perfect. Set on a tray alongside a single set of utensils, a crystal wine long stem glass, and a bottle of red wine, I carried them all out and gently brushed My foot against her leg as I drew close. No words needed, she held her arms out patiently waiting for the weight of the tray to fill them. Despite knowing she could use her thighs to help support the weight of the laden tray she held it aloft as I poured the wine, keeping it perfectly steady the while.

Quite proud of her resolve I promptly took a seat and took up the glass of wine, drinking Myself before pressing the glass to her lips and slowly tilting it upwards until she could sip from it. Those devilishly pleasing lips pursed close as she had her fill for now and the glass was set back alongside the bottle of Merlot. Taking up the fork and knife, I trimmed a beef tip enough to make it bite-sized before feeding it to the deaf and blind girl before Me. With a sensuous delight I watched her enjoy the morsel and many others after it through the course of dinner. Tonight, after all, was a test of her obedience and trust and what better way to truly what troubled areas their might be than to strip her of all control and have her depend wholly on her Daddy?

And so ends part one of this delightful indulgence. The finale will come swift upon wings of dark decadence.

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