Defining U/us – Daddy/babygirl

Recently someone asked U/us several questions the some of which focused on the Daddy/babygirl aspect of O/our relationship. W/we both thought it would be worth it to put the answers to those questions here, for anyone happening by, to read. So without further delay…

My Perspective

For Me it’s a more nurturing, more relaxed/tolerant relationship focused on teaching her to be a better girl for Me over training her in specific functions or in specific responsibilities. A slave usually has strict rules and training to follow that define her daily life and she’s expected to defer to her Master or react in a preordained way when something occurs. A submissive is quite similar in most respects, with more freedom to decide for herself how to best serve her Dominant. Punishment seems to be a debatable issue as well. Rarely does it progress further than a spanking and a talk because little more is needed. If she were trained as a submissive or a slave punishment for a transgression would most likely be harsher than I would give her for something similar given that I consider her more My babygirl. As for what it does for Me, I’ll admit to you a part of it is the deviant perversion that it triggers sexually, but outside the sexual aspect it’s more feeling like I’m a nurturing supportive figure that she depends upon for structure and devotes herself to pleasing.

her perspective

i have had a tumultuous relationship with my RL father my whole life. so, one thing i have sought out in relationships, whether consciously or unconsciously, was a father figure. i don’t really remember when O/our relationship headed in that direction but it was something that came easily to both of U/us. the role of a father figure or Daddy for me basically entails Someone who is not only a protector but also One to guide me towards being a better girl. but, it’s not roleplay for U/us. even though i’m 30, i still am a big kid at heart so there are many times where i tend to goof around and be silly. sometimes, those silly behaviors are acceptable but, at times, they can be pushing the limits of what’s acceptable by Him. and when the line has been crossed, i know to expect a punishment, typically a OTK spanking or possibly more depending on the severity of the transgression.

And there you are, another in what seems to be a series in the making. Adieu.

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