Midday Release

Due to overworking during an already stressful week My babygirl managed to come home not long after 1 in the afternoon yesterday. I do My best to anticipate her needs, and today those were far from needing rough treatment. I waited until she was ready, until most of those anxieties were pushed aside so she could enjoy herself. Laying out a blanket for her own comfort, she was soon stripped down to nothing but a bra.

Now ready for Daddy, I knelt near her head so she could suck a bit and slickin an already hardening cock to avoid needing lube. The first treat of the afternoon was Mine to have, as she was far more enthusiastic than I was expecting. The next few minutes are a blur of chilling sensations running up My spine and soft groans on My part mingling with her occasional slurp or swallow. I would have joined her in such a heavenly experience and reciprocated if not for a split lip only recently healed.

When I could finally bring Myself to pull away from that I moved to kneel between her parted thighs, leaning down and letting the tip brush against her heated labia before reaching between U/us to guide it inside her. This wasn’t the heated, passionate sex W/we have been having of late. Steady. Deep. Filling.

For longer than I can rightly remember I was lost in looking at her, seeing those gorgeous eyes of hers. Something in them was more satisfying for Me than the feeling of her heated body craving Me inside her. Then her back arched slightly and those orbs a hue close to toasted hazelnut, a unique richness in the depth of their color, began to shut. The first of what was several orgasms took hold of her, so as it subsided I shifted My position and continued rocking My hips into hers with no other desire than to bring her to that peak and force her over again.

I laid My head on the fullness of her chest and it was only moments before I felt her fingers in My hair clutching it as another soon sent her body rigid. Another much like that came in short order as well, finally pushing her to the point she wanted more than such a tender exchange.

Pulling away, she moved to her knees and elbows. Ass hiked high in the air, I needed no other invitation to grab her by the hips and slide back inside her. Now came rougher passions, My grip tight and digging as I push and pull her as forcefully as I can muster along the length of a still rigid shaft. The climaxes that came, in rapid succession, from that treatment seemed to give her trouble keeping her moans growing too loud. And yes, there is such a thing when just upstairs 3 little ones sleep.

After came a request that I haven’t heard in some time, and one that confirmed a few suspicions I’ve been having lately. The request? To use O/our nipple clamps. Lightly at first since has been nearly 3 years since they were last used, i soon found Myself tightening them fully and finding them lacking in effect and needing to be replaced. Which brings U/us to the suspicions, that she’s ready for breast bondage and even a bit of light ‘torture’.

The bondage is for another time, though I did continue to stimulate her breasts for some time; kissing, sucking, biting. Eventually the clips came off and were moved. Those lovely, still heated, outer labia felt the firm hold of clips for the first time ever. After a bit of extra stimulation on My part and a few photos for Me to enjoy later she did well in bringing herself to climax soon after at Daddy’s behest, My foot pressing down on her throat for added effect she often enjoys.

After giving her time to recover from several orgasms she came to Daddy and served Me, just like the pleasing girl she is, and helped bring Me to climax.

And so ends this little adventure. More will come later. Adieu.

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~ by Psycosis on 2008 12 04.

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