Defining Myself – Physically

I’ve thought about things like this before, occasionally spoken it out, but I’ve never put down in words what I actually think about Myself. Until now anyways. Here comes a harsh dose of brutal honesty.

I’m not pleased with how I look. It’s not My face or anything that would take major surgery to change. It’s My gut and My weight. Even on a limited income like W/we are I still manage to cook well and eat very well. It shows easily enough too. When I was discharged from the Army I was 175 lbs. and decently toned. I was on profile, which basically meant limited duty so I couldn’t work out, but thanks in part to the limited calories and the ‘enhanced beef’ I stayed trim despite being mostly inactive. Over the past few years My love of food and Hedonistic mindset has led to an accumulated girth. Now by no means am I obese, I just have a couple dozen more pounds than I prefer.

The remedy? Get off My lazy ass and work out. The excuse? Raising 3 kids under 3 and trying to get a writing career up and running. I’m not alone in the desire to shape up and slim down though, as My babygirl is about ready to lose the added pounds of bringing the trio into this world. W/we’ve both decided that it’s best to wait until after the holidays, as good food is a major weakness and nearly running over this time of year.

Another physical short-coming I feel [read KNOW] I have is oral hygene. Given My sorid past of emotional problems that required a bit of medication to help overcome, My teeth are in far worse condition than I generally openly admit. With little doubt I can say surgery is in My future. The only question now is, how much? I do better with the kids than I do with Myself, making sure to brush their teeth every night before bed. Now if I could just keep My focus on doing the same for Myself maybe I can head off a good bit of damage still to come.

And what’s the point of all this? An open letter to Myself perhaps. Or maybe to show that despite Me trying to remain as faceless as I can on-line that I’m still human with all the complexities that come with it. Now it’s My turn to challenge you to think long and hard on defining yourself and being open with the things you don’t enjoy about who you are.


~ by Psycosis on 2008 12 02.

One Response to “Defining Myself – Physically”

  1. *hugs* I know this wasn’t an easy post for You to write, and lord knows I definitely have things about myself that need to be changed. I admire You for having the courage to put this out there (and, of course, I still think You’re sexy as hell *weg*).

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