someone flip the switch

haha, i’m back.  i wish though that i had something positive to say.  i started the day with a slight hangover and have just felt off the whole day.  not to say that today was horrible, since W/we had a good start to the day before getting out of bed this morning plus W/we spent part of the day with a friend of mine whose daughter turned 1.  but, there’s an odd energy around me like a fog that’s affecting my senses – things don’t feel right through my hands, my stomach feels like it’s been twisted upside down and around, i just don’t feel comfortable in my own skin.  at times like this, i wonder if being handled roughly will help snap me out of this – and i’ve let Him do that to me once before, although i don’t think He realized it.  unfortunately, it ended up leaving me feeling even more out of sorts than i had felt before that.  even now, i’m struggling to put all of this into words because i know that Daddy will read this tomorrow when it is His day on the computer.  but, i know that it’s important for Him to know because, without open communication, He cannot effectively guide me and help me get through this.  i just hope that it doesn’t last much longer because i want to get back to normal, well as close as it gets with U/us.

~ by darkfairymomma on 2008 11 16.

One Response to “someone flip the switch”

  1. Seeing as how treating you rough didn’t help the last time I’ll just have to try something different. After all, how can I enjoy My babygirl if she can’t enjoy herself. W/we’ll just have to see how you feel in the coming week and go from there. I love you babygirl.

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