this has been a very long, busy, and stressful week for me at work so there hasn’t been much going on at home.  i am a bit torn right now between two yearnings.  the first coming from holding the children close to me and wanting that energy, that innocence near me.  the second is a deeper, darker craving – one i am trying to ignore but i can’t, hence me writing tonight.  i already warned Daddy that W/we need to refrain from any joinings until this passes, as this was the same time of year that i conceived O/our two girls.  i adore O/our children and honestly, if W/we could afford another, i would be willing to do it again.  however, W/we’re not in that place financially plus i think Daddy is ready to have His babygirl to His willing after 3 consecutive pregnancies.  so, here i am, getting drunk and blogging.  i almost went to post on my own blog but i knew that this post would take a darker turn than what i would like to normally post there, things more family-friendly.  so, thoughts such as sinking my teeth into Daddy’s shoulder as He pounds His cunt until it’s sore isn’t exactly appropriate there.  i’m not even sure if anyone reads this besides the two of U/us so i guess i’m mainly writing this for Him – the Dark One who has dragged me into the shadows i was afraid to explore on my own, the One who indulges and spoils me yet keeps me in line with a stern glance.  He knows that i would travel to the ends of the earth with Him, and not a step behind Him like other submissives but besides Him.  for W/we don’t have the typical D/s relationship,never have and never will, which is exactly how W/we want it.  i originally intended on writing more but, in the fuzziness of intoxication and my attempts to somewhat suppress my urges, i think i’m going to leave this where it stands.  perhaps i will return tomorrow.

~ by darkfairymomma on 2008 11 14.

One Response to “wanting”

  1. I’m very proud of you babygirl for getting some of the things out in the open. And I do so enjoy you posting here even if this blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic. I know it’s just frustration with everything going on and will pass on it’s own like it did before, and hopefully sooner this time.

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