A Week In Review

So things have been very active the past few days. There’s been a change in psychology a long time coming. I have a side to Me a rare few get to see up front and in person. When not controlling/manipulating a situation I do have a submissive side. Namely, I’m a pain-slut of sorts. Pain inflicted on Me isn’t arousing as often as it replaces sex wholly. That is something W/we’ve been exploring lately, and it does bring out a whole different personality in her…one I’ve yet to name.

Most often the pain is in the form of biting, smacking, and a cheap but well used flogger I made last month. Most recently an old friend that needs updating was used, an X-Acto knife with an #10 blade [large scalpel]. I perfer a #15 blade [small scalpel] but found one lacking. My babygirl was first to feel the knife as I carved a rune of protection [Algiz] on her left shoulder as ones for family [Ingwaz] with protection [Eihwaz] in its center are already carved into her right shoulder. Eihwaz has since healed and faded now that I’ve taken a close look.

Later that night after the trio were down for the night I turned the knife on Me, carving a short line in My chest. There’s no particular meaning to it other than the inherent symbolism of cutting and scarring for a loved one. After all, a tattoo is simply a scar with ink suspended in the tissue and millions of people have at least one in this day in age.

Today, after shopping, was a different sort of day, a different sort of personality. After a bit of much needed cleaning there was a bit of cuddling in the silence that only comes when W/we manage to get the trio down at the same time. Before long she brought My arm down around her throat in her not-too-subtle hint for a bit of breath play.

It didn’t remain just breath play for long, as a side of her most would never understand but I more than openly embrace emerged. Something rougher was wanted. Was needed. R-Play. No more need be said right? You can figure that one out? Sparing you details, after it was finished W/we laid down and cuddled some before getting a couple more chores done. It seems odd after something so rough and invasive, but its needed. I feel the need to show her that its not as real as it feels in the moment and I’m sure she needs the cuddling on some level as well.

And that’s about it for O/our sex-capades this past week. Adieu.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 11 09.

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