Peace and Distress

Peaceful and distressful, in that order, pretty much sums up today. For the most part there was little trouble had throughout the day itself. An occasional fit was to be had from the trio of terrors of course, but that was neither frequent nor long. Dinner, steaks and fries, were also cooked without trouble from them either.

Now for the distressful aspect of My day. First is the fact that allergies have come just short of incapacitating My babygirl, leaving her a mess of sniffles and blah. In addition to that, and on a more personal note, in the process of trying to back up files on My mobile office I managed to overwrite the wrong files and lost nearly half a chapter of a story I have been working on for some time now. At least from what was salvaged I can replace/rewrite what was lost.

Speaking of writing, I’ll be looking into what stories I’ve already added to the minor collection here to see if I have one that can be added this weekend or if I need to dig into My various ideas to write an entirely new one. Either way, I’m sure you few faithful readers will enjoy.


~ by Psycosis on 2008 10 29.

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