babygirl’s Birthday

I guess the title says it all? This weekend was My babygirl’s birthday, which was the reason for My absence on Sunday. W/we spent the morning going to various craft stores looking for a replacement birthday tiara since the one she’s had for years broke [from what I can recall]. When all those came up a bust [not entirely, but wait for that] I allowed her to go shopping on her own at that hell-spawn chain store that’s oh so cheap [Walmart in other words]. It seems she found it there without much delay. Score another one for the evil cooperation.

Things remained calm and quiet for the most part, without too much trouble from the kidlets. Diva even went to bed early and on her own.  What came next is the real pleasure of her birthday, and shows a different side of Me I only let her see anymore. One of the stops at the crafts store yielded a wooden dowel and some adhesive for leather and wood.  It was a hack job I’ll admit, but using a sheet of leather I had lying around I made a cheap flogger to test her reaction to it come last night with her birthday spanking.

Now, given that in recent months she has begun asking for the belt when the mood suited her, something I never expected due to her past experiences [Idiotic Wanna-Be Doms] I had no doubt she would enjoy it at least some. In fact, she took more than her 30 birthday licks with both her pants and panties on before giving Me just a pantied rear to flog. Last was a bare rear to give her a real feel for O/our starter flogger. Another time I fully plan on moving from just her rear to kiss most of her body with leather, but she is just starting and I want to to remain enjoyable.

What came next was a spur of the moment decision, as I let her feel what the other end of the flogger was like. The first round of her holding it was firm enough but with no real sting, ranging from My shoulders all the way down to My feet. After she finished that round I gave her permission to hit harder, which I assume she did with much glee as she took pictures of the red marks she left along My back and thighs. There are other details, but those are remaining Mine until I decide other wise.

For now, that’s all.  Until another time.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 10 27.

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