The New Debut

It’s lunch time here and, as teased, I’m back to begin what I hope with be a daily ritual.  For those just joining Me I’ll give you a heads up about just what you might see here.  I’m a SAHD [Stay-at-Home Dad] of 3 kids under 3 [a boy and 2 girls in that order, for the curious]; Darling Son [DS], Darling Daughter 1[DD1], and Darling Daughter 2[DD2] respecitvely.  I run a reasonably tight ship around here, hence Me having lunch to Myself for writing and blogging.  I’m also a sadomasochistic asshole to most of the world while being a doting Daddy Dom with a laundry list of fetishes to My babygirl, belladonna.  You’ll hear from her now and then I’m sure.  It’s a balancing act to say the least, which I spare little detail here in comfortable anonymity.  You see, I’m all about speaking My mind, but I’m well aware of the possible consequences and thus I keep identities a bit more hush-hush than many of the ‘sex bloggers’ out there.  Want to know why?  Well go look through their blogs, and the blogs of their friends….nearly half are having legal trouble of one kind or another because of their very public lifestyle.  Thanks but no thanks.  That said, if something offends you feel free to speak your mind and I’ll feel free to ignore your rant almost entirely.  Moving on.

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday was My birthday and thus the prompt for this massive internal reboot.  Given that money is on the tight side since the new arrival the bash [usually just high end steaks from the butcher cooked at home] is on hold/out the window [I haven’t decided yet] but that does not mean it was a poor day-o-aging [like that?  just came up with it].  For the most part the kids made it a pleasant day not screaming/screeching too much, taking a decent nap, not being clingy when I’m trying to feed the littlest.  As for My babygirl she made it a point to unplug from the outside world [gave up the comp, turned off twitter, ect.]

That was, understandably, mostly nominal as the kids leech most of the attention.  The real present was more of a psychological one, as she changed into a skirt sans panties [nice and long to detere little hands ofcourse] and one of her nursing halters [fetish alert] as well as her nicer collar.  Aside from a few PDA-Approved touches I kept My hands to Myself until the trio of terrors were down for the night.  Until then she spent what time she could on the floor at My side, a very pleasant possition in My eyes.  So much so I might have to find a way for her to do so comfortably.

After the tiny terrors were out for the night came a bit of relaxation on the couch with her head in My lap waiting whatever I desired.  Rarely enough I desired to take her as a lover would, slow and sure to enjoy every subtle touch.  After a time of having her on the floor on her back her hips began to ache [one of the many joys of pregnancy] so W/we shifted so I could take her from behind and W/we finally came to the realization that W/we are just too similar in height for certain positions without the aide of furniture [which is now on the ‘must have’ list].  With her suggestion, and then taking top W/we finished just as someone was waking up.  Better then than earlier at least.

There was a revelation that so many people never seem to comment on anymore.  It’s NOT all about a hard fucking.  Slow, sure, consistant, and passionate can be just as exausting and fulfilling as any hard lustful ‘porn’ fuck.

That’s detailed enough for the pervs, you can think up the small details on your own I’m sure.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 10 21.

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