Motive and Opportunity

I’ve meant to post again since having My babygirl blog about an earlier night but with all that’s going on around U/us I’ve lacked the opportunity.  Last night deserves attention though, so I am making time to talk about it.  Of course, her side of the story is more than welcome and she knows such.

It started wonderfully with everyone going down for the night far earlier than usual, well not so much the older two but the little one, and staying down as she’s not wot to do.  Now normally this would be were foreplay ensued, but as of late that has been a constant endeavor.  Ranging from dirty texts while she’s at work to sinful thoughts and words through the day, its done wonders to keep U/us both ready to preform.

That said she laid down the blanket and prepared while I was going about nightly tasks, so it was a touch surprising to see her half stripped without a word of warning.  It was only moments after that sight that both of U/us were stripped and she was on her back waiting.  Missionary isn’t a hugely glamorous position according to some, but given her body is still readjusting to being used so frequently I give her the choice.

Unless of course I’m in a particular mood.

But moving on, it was surprisingly quick that she came to orgasm and just by the look on her face I know it was the most potent ones [yes ones, rarely is it that she doesn’t climax multiple times] since having the baby.  In fact, its the first I recall her having just from penetration.  Normally sore hips rob her of the opportunity.  The entire time she was being taken her nails dug in and raked across My back, leaving wounds that scabbed over by this morning.

With her hips bothering her but not being spent yet she rolled onto all fours.  After getting set into a rhythm she got a proper spanking while being taken, the dual sensations forcing her to bury her face in a pillow to muffle the screams and spuring her to another series of climaxes.  Now she was spent for a bit so W/we lay on the floor briefly.  Within moments she was pressing into My hand and arm, which prompted Me to lean in closer and begin kissing and biting into her bare shoulder and neck.

Then came more spanking, My fingers eventually moving to fill her still wet and heated slit in place of My cock.  During the spanking and fingering she continued to press her neck towards My arm, so I promptly wrapped My arm around her so that the hollow of her throat rested in the crook of My elbow.  A firm squeeze cut off the flow of air to her lungs and sent her into a lustful frenzy ending in another orgasam and a plea to feel leather.

This is a large step for her that I never take for granted as she has had poor past experiences when it comes to a belt [a poor excuse for a wouldbe Master that I’d….] and apropreately cherish the times she does crave it now.  This time I did not limit Myself to her raised rear as I took the belt to her, moving all along her back, ass, thighs, feet and even her dripping slit.  All this happened while she masterbated for a final climax before an errant blow [the side stitch catching her just beneath the swell of her rear as it twisted in hand] and exhaustion finally left her too spent to continue.

What came last was an exausted babygirl trying to get her Daddy off before bed, but like any good Daddy I knew she would be better off going to bed and so W/we did, where she continued to toy with a still sensitive prick until both of U/us fell asleep.

And there you go, plenty of filthy thoughts to fuel your fantasies….until later.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 10 07.

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