a turn of events

greetings all, Daddy requested that i write a post about recent events in the house so here i am.  as He has previously posted, things had gotten a bit tense around the house but W/we were making do for the time being.  something Daddy didn’t mention is that i have been struggling with some depression and frustrations at work lately so that compounded the relationship issues W/we were having.  but, by His request, i decided to “fake it til you make it”.  for several nights in a row, i would stroke Daddy as W/we were falling asleep for the night, and each night i found it to be an easier “rule” for me to follow – i even began to enjoy my task.  unbeknown to Daddy, i also took on other tasks which felt submissive in my mind, like making breakfast for Daddy and the kids before i went to work each morning.  after a few days of this (and a few nights of somewhat decent sleep), i finally felt ready to leave my body to His choosing. 

i let Daddy know of my intent by sitting between His legs and then tended to Him, first with my hands and then my mouth.  after a while of this, i sat back and undressed, watching while He did the same.  since all of the kids were asleep upstairs, W/we had to take care of things downstairs.  after a bit of maneuvering to find a comfortable position, W/we finally settled with me on all fours.  this worked out perfect as it allowed Daddy just the right vantage point when i started to beg for Him to spank me.  several smacks were delivered upon this request and then several others were scattered during the next several minutes. i’m sure you can imagine what followed {and being that i’m somewhat drunk right now, my memory is a little fuzzy so i couldn’t give you a full account even if i wanted to}.  but, something that was unexpected was a switch that seemed to be flipped in me after things seemed to be done.  all i could think was dark, hateful things of Him and those hateful words flew out of my mouth.  however, as hateful as my words were, i couldn’t help but become more and more aroused…even with His hand wrapped tight around my throat, His face close to mine.  i know i spouted off that i hated Him several times yet, in the end when He ordered me to come, i did.

so, even on days when i’m not feeling 100%, i still make an effort to do something for Daddy because it’s not just for Him, it is for both of U/us in the end.  and, it’s not even a case of “if Daddy’s happy, everyone’s happy”.  it’s more that, as i work towards pleasing Him, i take pride in my efforts and usually end up enjoying myself in the end. 

i’m sure that Daddy will have me write again sometime so, until then….xoxo

~ by darkfairymomma on 2008 09 30.

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