Things Are Improving

I’ve been meaning to post the past couple days but the kids have made that a bit difficult.  Since O/our last talk she has made a significant effort towards following the rules set down.

Most significant was this weekend when she began falling asleep stroking Me.  At first I admittedly assumed she was starting something half-heartily with no energy or intention of finishing.  One of the reasons I assumed this is that a few months ago this was the very same activity I asked her to do but was shortly discontinued because she felt forced and wasn’t enjoying it.  After a bit of talking one night things were sorted out and it’s since continued, much to My enjoyment and better sleep [save for nights when W/we do more].

Next was earlier in the week, when as she watched whatever porn she found of interest over on RedTube she enthusiastically sucked on and played with Me.  The only downside to the site is that, though they have a huge selection, much of it is repetitive and thus diminishes the overall quality of what you find.  Not too say there wasn’t enough for her to climax several times while keeping her Daddy engaged, it wasn’t long before W/we moved to the couch so she could continue pleasing and bringing Me to climax before bed.

Most recent was tonight, as My babygirl decided earlier in the day to begin sending naughty messages via Twitter.  With a little luck the youngest was still napping and the other two were ushered to their rooms to play together for a bit.  Yes I know, a bit selfish, but I validate it and that is all that matters.  Shortly after her getting situated she began making good on many of her messages.  Unfortunately, though, near the climax of the situation one of the kids began screaming much like she does when her brother is a bit too rough, so things ended abruptly.

Needless to say My babygirl is recovering from whatever has been bothering her and things are definately improving.  In fact, she has been such a good babygirl for Daddy she’s earned herself a treat or two that you might find out about later.  But for now, that is all.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 09 18.

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