Crime and Punishment

I won’t bother with the build-up of a day’s worth of activities.  Instead, let Uus just jump to what is important.  Last night after the children were all in bed Wwe didn’t have much of a conversation at first.  I asked her to come kneel at My feet so Wwe could have one, as I was going to ask her if there was a need for a physical punishment or if shes punished herself enough over the day, but her attitude spurred Me to say ‘fuck it’ and walk off.

As I took care of a few things needing attention she mentioned a blog post she finished, and I promptly said I intended on reading it in the morning.  At her request I instead read it as soon as I was finished with My tasks.  When I said nothing she commented that it didn’t seem to matter to Me and that I thought they were just excuses, as well as that I would do to her as I saw fit.

Without a word I bent down and removed the pair or anklets she wore, amethyst and silver that I personally made for her, and threw them harshly at a wall before moving back to the couch and sitting.  The silence that followed was irritating so I moved back the kitchen and found the jewelry near the back door.  Picking them up and glancing them over I was surprised to see none of the stones had ripped off [on closer inspection today a couple stones on each chipped significantly].

After returning to My seat again and sitting in silence I was finally spurred into doing something.  Grabbing her harshly by the hair I led her to the couch and forced her down to her knees bent over it.  Thinking of the children of course, I got a clean rag for her to bite down on for what came next.

Mind you, I have never felt the need to do this before.  This being genuine physical punishment.  Bent over like that she got the belt, something I normally don’t use on her because of her past experiences with one, harshly on the ass and back.  It was only 6 strikes, but each had emotion behind it.  All were with clothes on, though the last was going to be against her bare ass but I spared her that given how much the others had affected her.

When I tried to console her after letting her cry a bit I promptly got a ‘why!?’, to which I gave My honest answer.  I might have been pissed and disappointed but I do still love her and claim her as Mine.  I left her to recover a bit more before I drew her in close again for a short time before Wwe went to bed.

In bed there was a good bit of groping on My part for a short time, both to curb a bit of anger-fueled lust and, in hindsight, as a bit of a test to see if she would so readily try to refuse Me so soon after punishment.  I’m proud she did not, though I doubted she would so soon.  Now all that’s left is to see how thigs turn out after this.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 09 10.

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