Heightened Expectations

I’m proud of My babygirl for her efforts this past Friday and Saturday.  Both days she more than readily made herself for pleasure, doing quite the good job at pleasing her Daddy.  Even her choice in pornographic material was looking quite promising.  Normally I would continue on about just what she did but the next couple days were not as fruitful.

Through My actions I made it quick clear, in My mind anyways, that I desired attention from My girl.  Don’t assume attention means sexual pleasure, because that was not the case.  In truth I wanted affection, a lap pet as it were, and if she did more that would be wonderful but that’s all I was expecting.

After the kids were finally down for the night she went to bed, as I told her too given how tired she was acting, I followed shortly.  Once comfortably in bed I preceded to gently caress and admittedly grope her as she slept.  Originally it wasn’t going to last long and was only to placate a few of My desires until the next day.

Her refusal was the end to My patience and quite roughly I made known My feelings and My disappointment in her.  As it stands I’m still deciding on proper punishment on top of what psychological punishment she is no doubt putting herself through.

Personally I feel I’ve been very understanding and doting for quite some time now with little real return from her, as its more consistency I would enjoy rather than a monthly [or less] hour of service/pleasure.  Whether I’ll make good on some of My words last night, particularly about simply taking what I want from her and leaving her to deal with her own desires, I’m not sure but I am extremely disappointed and will definitely be working to rectify these problems with a firmer hand than I’ve used previously.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 09 09.

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