Four Years

Yesterday was the four year mark for Oour relationship.  Honestly it seems like it’s been long, but in a good way.  Of those years Wwe’ve been married two and a half now and other than a few hiccups that any relationship is bound to have I would not change a thing.

Speaking of those hiccups, one of the major ones has been Oour rate of procreation.  Three kids in just under 3 years, the latest of which being only three weeks old, is horrible on a sex life.  Obviously the sex between pregnancies is great, otherwise they wouldn’t be born so close together, but during the pregnancy it seriously suffered.  Honestly it’s still suffering thanks to sleep deprivation, but its dramatically improving.

Yesterday, despite her perhaps not being 100% prepared mentally or emotionally for a renewed sex life My babygirl did give herself over for My pleasure during one of the few times when all the kids were out.  By her own admission she was quite the little whore, wanting to say no but her body craving it so much she was soaked from the very beginning.

Starting as nothing more than a bit of cuddling and playful kisses to My neck after a small conversation on how I’ve felt simply blah lately she soon straddled My lap and grew more involved; grinding down into My lap, kissing and nipping at My neck enough she left a mark, begging to be hurt by Daddy.  A series of hard spanks to her bare ass left both My hand and her rear warm while she buried her face in My neck and whimpered.

After all that I was too worked up for a simple handjob to do things justice, so I forced her to the ground took her for the first time in several months.  Slow and steady, this first time was more to get her accustomed to being an object of pleasure and desire again than to truly use her to her fullest.  Not to say it wasn’t enjoyable, far from that honestly, but it wasn’t nearly enough for Me to climax.  What was more important was that she did come to orgasm with Daddy playing with her before anyone woke up and that she was willing to be used like that despite her reservations.

In the end, I’m proud of My babygirl.  Very proud.

~ by Psycosis on 2008 09 01.

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