My Guest Post

•2010 11 13 • 2 Comments

Recently I mentioned offering one of my erotica pieces, “Bump in the Night”, to Dangerous Lilly for a guest post on her blog. It’s now live and I’ve gotten some traffic from it recently. To all the new comer, welcome. Happy to have you. I hope you enjoy some of my other ramblings, and feel free to comment on any of them.


I Know I Know

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I don’t blog here often anymore. Rip me a new one. You want to know the reason though? I’d either be pissing and moaning about personal and otherwise trivial shit or I would be all blissed out and make you sick with my flowery prose and fawning. And really, isn’t there enough of that already?

I mean, it’s not like I get out and get to explore as much as I did in my younger days. And, you know what, I don’t mind. I’ve got something really good most days. There’s crap some days, but that’s any relationship really. Do you really want to hear the cotton candy clouds and the occasional rubbing alcohol rainstorms that come with it? I don’t, so I figure you don’t either. There’s plenty already.

The main reason I’m blogging tonight is the fact I submitted something to Dangerous Lilly to post on her blog as a bit of guest erotica. When it’s actually up I’ll post again, though anyone reading my blog already reads her’s I’m sure. This Could Be Dangerous if you were wondering.

And really, that’s all. Just some shameless self promotion. I’m trying to write more dirty thoughts down for you but as a friend has so eloquently put it, ‘the problem with writing smut is wanting smut done to you.’ Thank Dark Gracie for that gem. It is a beauty isn’t it?

Still Waters Run Deep

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For those following along, I’m sure you’ve noticed that things have gone quiet here.  That’s the funny thing about life – it has its ups and downs.  Not to say that things haven’t been going well because they have (especially lately).  I think one of the problems we run into is that we have difficulty getting our words out there for the world to see without concern for how those words are scrutinized and perceived.  So, for me personally, there will be no more editing.  I know our dear readers have stopped in to see what it’s like to live a kinky and open marriage and still carry some semblance of normalcy in the everyday world with our kids.  And, it’s not pretty by any stretch of the imagination – there are disagreements; there are dry spells; there is jealousy; there are twists and turns with identities and roles in our relationship (woohoo for 2 bisexual switches exploring genderfuckery!); there are stressors from finances, family, and work – essentially the same kind of issues regular relationships go through, just a little rough around the edges (mmm, rough – ala Homer Simpson).  But, that’s all from me for now – more to come later – and now I’ll open the floor to comments from the co-Speaker of the House…

I’ve got to follow that introduction? Wow. No pressure. As for why I don’t blog as much as I say I want too, it comes down to being equal parts self-editing and wanting to move past the day into the next. After all, no one knows better than I do the kind of strange things that go through my head. If I shared that with the world unfiltered, umm, none of you have the white coats on speed dial right? As for the day to day grind, there’s only so many ways to write about the cycle of each child taking a turn driving me loony. Before long I’ll be living in Toontown driving around in Benny. One thing she did miss is the fact the highs are Chimborazo, the lows are Challenger Deep and it jumps from one to the other with ease. Go ahead, look those up. We’ll wait. *Jeopardy Music*Back? Now where was I? Actually, I think that’s it for me too. At least I can’t think of anything else.

More to come soon, we intend.

A Change In Dynamics

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I’ve been neglecting doing a post about a pretty significant change in our relationship. Our life outside the bedroom has changed a lot, but essentially remained the same. We’ve moved into a smaller place but we feel more comfortable than we did before. The house has a new family member that keeps me up way too much, a kitten that constantly wakes me up now that he can jump into bed. But that’s not really what you want to hear about, is it?

In the bedroom she’s taken on the dominant role. We’ve done this a time or two before but it was never quite this in depth or this prolonged. Usually it was a few nights and then it went back to her being the babygirl and things were on my terms. Now pretty much everything is on her terms and I only get to make suggestions. Sure, most of the suggestions are enacted, but on her time and in her preferred way.

Overall, it’s been good for us. My abnormally high sex drive is dealt with. She doesn’t feel pressured as much as she used to so she gets to enjoy it so much more. We’re trying and experimenting with more things that I’m NOT going  into detail about just yet. I’m also less stressed now that there’s less stress between us.

Sunday Afternoon Fun

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We took a break from our cleaning and packing to enjoy ourselves. Please enjoy.

She’s still working her way through the erotica books I got her for Valentine’s Day, and she wanted to read more while I gave her oral. I spent quite a while licking, kissing, sucking. All while she read. Her breathing was getting heavy and I realized she was well worked up, so I reached for the Acuvibe Mini we got at the beginning of the year. It was a short time after she began climaxing. Even as her thighs pressed in on my head, I continued savoring the oral until she was far too sensitive for me to continue. She continued to read, and after a few moments, I applied the vibe again to send her into another fit of orgasms.

After she recovered, she wanted to try some anal play. I picked the Tantus Ripple of the few plugs we didn’t get rid of. After she was well lubed, I slid it in. Considering how infrequent anal play is with her, I was proud how good the babygirl did. It slid right in, all but the last bulge. We tried to get it further, but she’s just not ready for that. After pulling it out, I gave a treat I enjoy as well. I licked and tongued that puckered little hole, something I need to do more often and will definitely follow any anal play to help soothe her and reward her.

She rose up on all fours after that and, for a short time, I took her like that but we moved to her on top. She laid down and tucked her head into my neck. There was talk of how well she did, and how proud I was, as we moved slowly. At one point she got up and fetched the plug again and slid it inside after she climbed back on top. It was a thrill to feel it as she rode for the short time it stayed inside. There was talk after that of when I finally claim that last hole for myself.

Then I came buried deep inside her. Something that’s happening more often and with more ease now that her Mirena quells the worry of another pregnancy. Not just that, anyone that’s read this blog for some time would know that I’ve always had a bit of trouble climaxing from anything other than masturbation so this is becoming a real treat for me. After that, it was a shower for me and back to our daily life. I hope you enjoyed reading about our bit of fun.

So Yeah…

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I haven’t blogged in a LONG time, but apparently we still get a lot of traffic thanks in part to Twitter [@Psycosis and @pommedesang ] and to Bad Bad Girl’s Blog.

Things have been chaotic as usual. We both still have issues from growing up and past relationships that we’re working out. Mainly, I’m too dependent on our sex life to gauge how healthy the relationship is and she puts too much pressure on herself both in career and personal life. Other than that, and the problems those issues cause, we have a pretty healthy and stable relationship.

In other news, we’re having to move after half a year at this place. Long story short, there’s serious damage that wasn’t our fault so we’re moving into a smaller place down the block. On the plus side, rent will be cheaper and we will be sans neighbors for the most part. The downsizing will be good though. We’ve been thinking more and more of moving back to my home state or seriously start planning to get a small farm.

That’s about it for now. Tomorrow I’ll talk about the sexy stuff that happened today.

[babygirl: the past couple months have been very emotional overall for me and, unfortunately, i have let that spill over into all aspects of my life.  add a bottle-fed newborn kitten and our impending move on top of that *head explodes* i have noticed that i get stressed easier since the insertion of my Mirena IUD but we’re still monitoring things to see if that’s an influence on my mood.  i have started looking into a change in jobs but i’m not sure if i’m ready for that step yet because of the flexibility my job allows, especially since the kids are still young.  i am hoping that, as we are decluttering in preparation for our move, this will help lighten things up and simplify things for us.  wish us luck!]

Last night

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last night turned out rather interesting.  it started off with me crawling into bed naked (something that has not happened in quite a while sadly).  both of us then turned on our sides, his tongue snaking into my cunt while i played with his cock.  i then shifted us into a 69 position, eagerly sucking his cock as i felt his warm breath over my swollen lips.  unfortunately, i started to get a little sore after a while so i shifted myself up so i was sitting on his chest, my legs pinning his arms next to his body while i continued to suck on his cock.  he was able to move his hands just enough to grasp my breasts, massaging them in between heavy gasps.  Suddenly, i felt his tongue poking and licking my asshole as i continued pleasuring him.  after a while of enjoying that, i rolled off him and reached for my Hitachi.  it didn’t take me long to cum since i was already so worked up.  of course, i helped him with his orgasm after i had recovered from mine.  needless to say, we both slept very soundly and i get the feeling that i’ll be sleeping naked again tonight 🙂


If it wasn’t going to be so damn cold I’d hold you to that tonight. Skin to skin is nice, even sans the hot pin me to the bed oral sex. That will definitely be in my thoughts for a few days at the least, weeks more likely. -Psycosis